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In my opinion

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Hello Internet


I do not usually talk politics here (well, I never did while I have soooo much to say...), but today I'm upset.

The last time I was so disapointed was in April 2002 when the fascists reached the last turn of the presidential poll in France (against - stupid - conservative).

And the worst is that I could have done nothing.

Honestly, British people, you made a huge mistake. In less than a few year, your way of life will reach the level of Bangladesh and nobody will ever care.

And when you will start thinking, it will be really too late.


So I've got something to propose to the smart British people : If you want to leave because your whole country (well, half of it, but it is huge anyway), do not hesitate, come in France, or anywhere in Europe, we have plenty of place.

In exchange, I've got a list of people that could come and stay forever on your lonely island.


Good luck

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